Experienced Industry Professional Pathway

Application Requirements for the Designation of Certified Catastrophe Risk Management Professional (CCRMP)[1]

The Experienced Industry Professional (EIP) pathway allows individuals to earn the Certified Catastrophe Risk Management Professional (CCRMP) credential through an application process rather than by completing the required courses or exams. EIP applicants submit documentation providing details about their skills and experience in the field of catastrophe risk management.

There are two EIP pathways for the CCRMP credential: a pathway for candidates with catastrophe modeling experience, and a Technical Experienced Industry Professional Pathway (TEIP) for candidates who have experience as model developers and providers.

There is no application fee to apply for the credential via the EIP pathways, but to receive the designation, applicants must pay a credential fee of $350.  This fee includes membership in both ISCM and iCAS. To maintain the credential, CCRMP credential holders will need to pay this fee annually as well as satisfy any Continuing Education requirements that are established.

Applicants for both pathways must be nominated by someone holding the CCRMP credential.

EIP Pathway for Catastrophe Modeling

Application Guidelines

Nomination Letter Template

Requirements and Application Instructions

Application Template – pre- 1 Jan 2004

Application Template – post – 1 Jan 2004

TEIP Pathway for Model Developers and Providers

The TEIP pathway is intended for individuals involved in the development and delivery of catastrophe models to the user community. The candidate’s responsibilities and expertise should fall within one or more of the following categories, and they are expected to demonstrate mastery of skills in line with the requirements of the application:

    • Model Research & Development
    • Product Management
    • Consultants and Client Service Representative
    • Senior Sales and Account Management Representatives
    • Senior Marketing Staff
    • Senior Software Development
    • Senior IT and Technical Staff

Additional guidance on the expected experience levels for this pathway can be found in the application and guidelines linked below:

TEIP Application Template and Guidelines

TEIP Nomination Letter Template

[1] The designations and their abbreviations noted herein, are trademarks of the ISCM and iCAS who jointly own and manage the credentialization process for this designation as outlined in the Master Collaboration Agreement between the ISCM & iCAS.